Puni Ika (Pack of 3)

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Artificial Lifelike Squid Puni-Ika Squishy Squid

Ultra lifelike and made in Japan, these artificial baits have been manufactured with a hollow body. Squid extract has been blended into the polymer material of the Puni-Ika, bringing it closer to life.

The original Squishy Squid THE PUNI-IKA is the most versatile of the Squishy Squid Puni-Ika product line. It is ideal for fishing off of cobbled and pebbled beaches, and off piers and jetties.

The material is extremely elastic and resilient against predatory species with sharp teeth. Its specific gravity is 0.92; if used without any sinkers, the lure will float. However, if the angler uses properly adjusted weights, then the lure can be suspended mid-water.

 Body Size
1.5g (~0.05oz): Approx.
Length: 52mm (~2in)
3 pieces per pack
Recommended glow stick:
Starlite SL-5 3.0 x 23mm