Starlite Glowsticks

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The Original and Best Fishing Lights

Starlite Glow Sticks

The Starlite glow stick series lets you attach them on the line itself, or to bobbers, or insert directly into compatible Lumica lures, rigs, and jigs. Shines for 3 to 4 hours and allows for night fishing as well as deep water. Its steady, even, natural glow does not frighten away like some artificial electric lights and the light emitted by the Starlite is irresistible to many species of game fish.

SL-1 fits Xtrada Metal Jacker Raizin
SL-5 fits Xtrada Metal Jacker, Xtrada Metal Jacker SJ, Puni Ika X-Wing, and Puni Ika
Chimoto Hotaru fits Xtrada Metal Jacker Micro and Puni Ika Shock 1