General Questions

What are electric penlights?

Electric penlights are tube shaped lights attached to a handle. The handle has controls which change the appearance of the light, usually by changing its color. Electric penlights are meant to be used in a concert setting, and intend to replicate the effect of holding up lights during a concert, such as glowsticks, candles, and cellphone screens.

How do I turn the penlight on?

For most penlights, you press and hold the middle button to turn on and off the penlight. For those without a middle button, pressing and holding the right button will work. 

What’s the difference between Daisenko glowsticks and the glowsticks we can get at the dollar store?

Daisenkos only last 15 minutes, but when used, they produce an extremely bright and full light that can actually illuminate the surrounding area. This is in contrast to the common glowsticks you may be used to, which can last many hours, but produce a much dimmer glow.

While a regular glowstick can work an entire concert or setlist, Daisenko are meant to express your excitement for a short duration, such as during your favorite song. Due to their attention-grabbing brightness, there are many other uses for Daisenko as well!

Our single packaged glowsticks can also last for an entire concert, as they last from 6-12 hours each.  

Shipping Questions

Where do you guys ship to?

All across Canada, the US and to the rest of the world as well! 


How much is shipping?

LumiCan ships out using Canada Post, so shipping is dependent on which shipping speed you buy.


What’s the refund policy?

LumiCan does not accept refunds, unfortunately. Since glowsticks are a one time use item, it doesn’t make sense for us to accept refunds. All sales are final. 


Do you do bulk discounts? 

Yes we do! For bulk order discounts, please contact us at [email protected] for a quote!