Daisenko Blade 300

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Daisenko 300 are electronic light sticks. They display 24 shimmering colours of light. The small circle buttons on the handle of the light sticks allow you to cycle through the list of colours. The middle button allows you to preview the colour you are currently on. To activate the colour, you press the center button and the shaft of the stick will update to the selected colour.

There’s even a programmable trigger button on the back of the handle. This allows you to set a specific colour to that button for quick access.

Bring them to your next rave, party or event and amaze everyone with the amount of colours you can wave around.

Each Daisenko 300 comes with 3 AAA batteries so you are ready to party once you get them. Press and hold the center button to turn the Daisenko 300 on. To turn it off, it’s the same action as turning it on.