Metal Jacker Raizin 80g - 210g

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Metal Jacker RAIZIN Glow and Rattle Jig Series 80g-210g Range

Ideal for placing a Starlite glow stick or a Rattle stick into its built-in integrated slot

To maximize each angler's tactical plan, hooks are not included, empowering the angler to choose which hooks to customize the lure with, according to their target fish. The swimming profile of the Metal Jacker Raizin allows the jig to kick and slap at any desired depth. The high contrast colors are ideal for deep, dark waters.

The light emitted by the Starlite is irresistible to many species of game fish. The Rattle stick mimics the sound of fish biting on crustaceans like shrimp and small crabs. It comes in weights of: 80g (2.8oz), 100g (3.5oz), 120g (4.2oz), 150g (5.3oz), 180g (6.3oz), and 210g (7.4oz) in 8 different colors for a total of 48 types. 4.5 x 37mm slot for Starlite SL-1 or same size Rattle stick.

All jigs have an integrated slot designed to hold a Starlite glow or Rattle stick. Rattle stick included with every jig. Starlite chemical glow light stick sold separately.

Recommended Glowstick:

Starlite SL-1 (4.5x37mm)