Puni Ika Shock 1 (Pack of 5)

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Artificial Lifelike Squid Puni-Ika Squishy Squid

Ultra lifelike and made in Japan, these artificial baits have been manufactured with a hollow body. Squid extract has been blended into the polymer material of the Puni-Ika, bringing it closer to life.

Squishy Squid Puni-Ika Shock 1 is the smallest product in the Squishy Squid Puni-Ika line, it is perfect for any species that feeds on small squid. It is great to use on a jig head, or to attach to the trailer hook on a jig.

The material is extremely elastic and resilient against predatory species with sharp teeth. Its specific gravity is 0.92: if used without any sinkers, the lure will float. However, if the angler uses properly adjusted weights, then the lure can be suspended mid-water.

Body Size

0.4g (~0.01oz): Approx.
Length: 35mm (~1.4in)
5 pieces per pack
Recommended glow stick:
Starlite Chimoto Hotaru 2.2 x 13mm